[Oasfaa] Students with Loans Received at Other Schools Over Aggregate

Mc Conahay, Pamela K. pmcconahay at ou.edu
Thu May 7 14:36:45 CDT 2009

We're finding new transfer students who received FFEL/FDSL loans at other schools that exceeded the aggregate limit.

We can't reallocate those loans between subsidized and unsubsidized  to get the student back to the limit because they aren't our loans.  Lenders don't want to send 'reaffirmation' letters to the students based on our request since we didn't certify those existing loans (I don't blame them).

Does anyone have any suggestions on how we can work with the original schools to resolve this?

If you've been getting calls from Jehan Parekh at OU, please call her back!

Pam McConahay
Associate Director, University of Oklahoma Financial Aid Services
1000 Asp Ave, Room 216, Norman, OK 73019-4078
(405) 325-4617  Fax (405) 325-3657
pmcconahay at ou.edu

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