[Oasfaa] State Question 744

David Barron dbarron at rsu.edu
Mon Sep 27 10:54:21 CDT 2010


In our OASFAA Board meeting Friday, State Question 744 was mentioned. As you will see in the document, the passage of SQ744 is projected to have a negative impact on higher education funding. As an employee of the state I am unable to advocate for or against the question. I do believe it is my responsibility as OASFAA President to make you aware of the analysis provided by the State Regents on the impact of SQ744 on Higher Education. Please review the analysis and make your own educated assessment.
 Please also note that as a private citizen, you enjoy a greater level of freedom in your response to this issue. It is my understanding that in a recent poll, voters were approximately 60% "for" and 40% "against."

Thank you for your attention to this issue,

David Barron
OASFAA President 2010-2011

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