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Carver, Angela ACarver at okcu.edu
Tue May 7 09:59:26 CDT 2002

As you all may have heard Oklahoma City University (OCU) has gone through a
major reorganization in April 2002.  Several changes and moves have been
made. Our Financial Aid office has been consolidated with our Bursar,
Cashier's and Registrar's office for a new unit, Student Administrative
Services (SAS).  We are proud to announce our new Director of Student
Administrative Services is Molly Roberts.  (Yes, bless her heart this is a
new job with triple duties because she is still our Fin Aid Director).  Dr.
Richard Hall is our new Vice President for Student Affairs (again a triple
job as before he was VP of Enrollment Management).

We are still located in the Clara Jones Administrative Bldg. on the 3rd
floor, but we did move to the North end of the Hall.

Our new SAS team is as follows:

Vice President of Student Affairs - Dr. Rick Hall
Director of Student Admin Services - Molly Roberts

Financial Aid					Bursar/Cashier's
Registrar's Office
Assistant Director of Fin Aid - Angie Carver	Bursar - Dennis Harris
Registrar - Charlie Monnot
Kim Self (Packaging/Verification)			Mary Whitehead
(Assist Bursar/Perkins)	    Linda Wiedenmann
Toni Jones (Loan Coordinator)			Tina Stevens
Sophie Snider
Jennifer Clayborn (packaging/loans)		Judi Sell		
Amy Noblin (Scholarships)			Pam Bell
Myra Beasley (General Fin Aid Info)
Denise Fliss (Fin Aid Technology)

We are in the process of cross training but it's the busy season, so we are
a little slow on this process.  Some job titles may change after July 1,
2002, but The Assist. Director of Fin Aid, the Bursar, Assist Bursar and
Registrar will stay the same.  This is a general idea of what everyone does
now.  Our general Fin Aid # is still (405) 521-5211 and we can be reached at
finaid at okcu.edu.  Other phone numbers in your OASFAA books are also still
good as they have not changed.


Angie Carver
Assistant Director of Financial Aid
Oklahoma City University

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