[Odll] FW: What kind of Tree am I?

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Now, for a little fun and trivia for those of you with H.323 systems and
who know a bit about botany;  

My H.323 IP address is below, my system is always in "auto-answer" mode
and my remote camera control is enabled.  Simply dial my IP with your
system, select remote camera control and pan hard left. You should be
able to see a lite-green tree out side my window. So far, no one has
been able to tell me what kind of tree it is. Can you tell? If so,
please email me. Only a few weeks left to figure this out as the "Fall"
season is upon us and the tree will be bare soon.

Bill Johnson
Director of Network Operations - OneNet
Director - Netrad Infrastructure for CASA
President - Oklahoma Distance Learning Association

PS. There is no prize for the winner. Sorry.

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