[Oasfaa] Warning: National Scholars Honor Society is Afoot Again

Mc Conahay, Pamela K pmcconahay at ou.edu
Fri Sep 13 15:15:37 CDT 2002

Remember when I proudly announced that my dog is a scholar?  Well, we got
the poster & the applications from these folks again this week so I'll bet
you did too.  Just wanted to refresh your memory that this outfit is not

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> I've been informed that the list has been a little quiet lately, so I
> decided to share the pride I felt when my "daughter", Lily Dew,  received
> the following letter:
> "Lily Dew, 
> It is my honor and privilege to congratulate you on behalf of your
> nomination for membership in The National Scholars Honor Society.  Your
> outstanding scholastic achievements have placed you in the elite of
> American college students.  The membership committee has recently reviewed
> your application and has enthusiastically recommended that Full Membership
> be granted. You are eligible to be inducted into the Society during the
> current induction session.  
> As a Full Member, you will join the the uppermost rank of superior
> students, and will gain the right and privilege of listing this membership
> on your credentials displaying your outstanding capabilities to future
> employers and graduate programs.  You will also receive the National
> Scholars Award of Achievement, a prestigious document suitable to be
> framed and displayed.  You will also receive a free copy of "Ace
> Undergrad, the ridiculously easy guide to getting straight A's in every
> WITH YOUR ACCEPTANCE FORM.  You have not been selected to receive a
> scholarship at this time.   
> I personally welcome you, Lily dew, to The National Scholars Honor
> Society, and applaud your achievement.
> Wishing congratulations and much continued success,
> Kevin Wakeman MD, BBS
> Admissions Officer
> Scholarship Committee Advisor
> Internet Technology Coordinator
> The National Scholars Honor Society"
> National Headquarters: Wellington Academy
> Office of Membership and Awards: 956 South Bartlett Road, Bartlett, IL
> 60103-6552
> www.CollegeHonors.org  e-mail: NatSchlrHS at attbi.com
> Imagine my pride, my joy, my COMPLETE FAITH that these SCUMBAGS would
> accept the application I submitted for my FOUR YEAR OLD FEMALE DACHSHUND
> if I will just cough up fifty bucks.  If you would like a copy of this
> letter to use as an example of scholarship scams and ripoffs, I'll be
> happy to send you one.  Meanwhile, has anybody got any suggestions of how
> I tell Lily that she really isn't going to go to college?  She'll be so
> upset, once she stops chasing her ball!!!
> Pam McConahay
> Asst Dir., Compliance & Support Svcs
> University of Oklahoma Financial Aid Services
> 731 Elm, Rm 125, Norman OK 73019-2111
> (405) 325-4617, fax (405) 325-7608
> pmcconahay at ou.edu 

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