[Oacrao-l] Concurrent Students and Eliigibility

Manning, Sherron sherron.manning at swosu.edu
Wed May 12 09:02:18 CDT 2010

Can anyone remember if and where to find anything that says univerisites are not able to place concurrent students on academic probation or suspension?

Sherron Manning
Director of Counseling and Assessment
Southwestern Oklahoma State University
409 E. Mississippi
Sayre, OK 73662
580-928-5533 x 131
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Does anyone make copies of the above referenced information to document their student’s file?  If not, how do you handle verification that they are in the military, a permanent resident or a naturalized citizen?

Thank you,

Melissa Garner
Assistant Director of Admissions
Oklahoma State University - Oklahoma City
900 N. Portland Avenue
Oklahoma City, OK  73107
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