[Oacrao-l] Grade Change Time Frames

Langston, Ginna ruth-langston at utulsa.edu
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Good morning, all,

The University of Tulsa has a pretty strict policy.  All grade changes require the signature of the faculty member, the chair of the department  and the associate dean of the college in which the course resides.

If the grade change is not a grade of incomplete change, then an Explanation of Grade Change form must accompany the grade change form.   The Explanation form not only gives the reason the faculty member is requesting the change, but also specifies that the change is not being made without the same allowance given to all other students (example: student didn't turn in extra credits by the deadline but the instructor allowed the late submission - was that same late submission offered to all students in the class?).

Uncontested and Contested grade changes also require the signature of the Vice Provost.  Grade changes sent in after the next regular term are likely to be denied by the Vice Provost unless there is a great reason for the change being so late.

A student can have up to a year for an incomplete; a contract between the instructor and the student is created with the deadline for completion of the class.  We do allow extensions but never past the one year period and the student has to petition for the extension.

This policy was established after a long history of ridiculously late grade changes coming through the office.  There was a time when it was not unusual for this office to get a grade change for a course that had completed over ten years prior.  I threw a hissy fit and my former boss (who was an attorney), got the policy changed.


May our hearts be broken by the things that break the heart of God.  Bob Pierce


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Good afternoon.

ECU is reviewing our grade changes policies, and would greatly appreciate input on how long you accept the following grade changes from faculty and/or students.

Uncontested Grade Changes
Contested Grade Changes (Grade Appeals)
Incomplete Grade Changes

Thanks in advance!

ADeidra Simmons
Registrar | Records Office
East Central University

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