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Mc Conahay, Pamela K pmcconahay at ou.edu
Wed Jan 9 14:06:57 CST 2002

No, Larry.....I don't rib people about e-mail formatting, because mine
always looks like a fidgeting monkey has been hitting the return key when I
send one.  But, just this once, I'll make an exception:

Hey, Larry, can't help but rib you about your ribbing Julie about OSU ?
her subject line and her text both said "OSU/Stillwater", not
"OSU?Stillwater".  It's 
YOUR e-mail program at OBU that translated the / into a ?.......

Besides, things are feeling too good here in Norman to give the Cowboys any
guff.   (Except of course the way our Sooner Women are going to beat those
Cowgirls tonight at Lloyd Noble Center.....7 p.m., tickets still available.)
Did anyone notice how suddenly we had sunshine and warm temperatures that
started at about, oh, say 3:15 on Monday?  Bruce Webber said he was driving
on I-35 and felt a giant gust of wind from the south.....a big sigh of
relief from the Sooner Nation.  

Speaking of more important things, I'm sure we were all sorry to hear about
Coach Miles' health problems and are glad the doctors have given him a clean
bill of health.  

Pam McConahay
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University of Oklahoma Financial Aid Services
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pmcconahay at ou.edu 

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Hey Julie,

Can't help but rib you about your "Oklahoma State University ? Stillwater"
line. I know a lot of Sooner fans question the type of school located in
Stillwater, but I've never seen the same question coming from a Cowboy fan.
You'll probably be hearing from Pam because shy as she is, this one's too
good to let get away.  ;-) 


>>> Julie M Berg-mattson <mattsoj at okstate.edu> 01/09/02 12:34PM >>>
Financial Aid Counselor

Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid
Oklahoma State University ? Stillwater

Office of Scholarships and Financial Aid is seeking an individual to 
become a Financial Aid Counselor for Oklahoma State University ? 

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