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We use our student workers extensively.  They do not login to our
system.  Each morning one of our fulltime employees logs in our five
student work stations and two front windows.  Our student workers cannot
login and do not have passwords.  From these workstations they can
process enrollments, drop adds, print transcripts, change addresses,
majors, catalog years, etc.  We do not allow them to change names or
social security numbers.  Our student worker in the admissions office is
responsible for downloading all online applications each day and
creating id records on each one.  We have many work assignments where
our students are responsible for inputting and updating large amounts of
data.  They do not have access to all screens and, therefore, cannot
access such data as grades, degrees, transcript notes, certain codes,
and test scores.  


I have to say we could not function without our student workers.
Several have even been hired on campus after graduation because they are
well trained and understand the educational system.  We supervise them
closely but use them to assist us in any way they can if we feel it is
appropriate.  They are just another of the ECU family.


Pamla Armstrong

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An issue has come up at our institution about student employee access to
information in our Banner system.  I suspect many of us rely on student
employees to assist our full time staff in many capacities including
being able to view student records including the processing of some
student transactions.


The question has been raised as to what the proper role of student
employees should be in an Admissions, Registrar or Financial Aid
operation. Should student workers be allowed to log into the automated
system as a user (not just for their own student status) ?  We have
established student worker security classes similar to our employee
security classes that define what screens the person can view and what
they might be able to update.  Any screen not included in the security
class is not accessible to the student employee.


Some of our student employees act in a front line service capacity as
well as in a behind the scenes role alongside full time staff.  As a
result, student employees can log into the system from their campus
office work station using their ID and password to assist staff and
fellow students with:

printing a copy of transcripts, 

processing add and drop transactions, 

viewing various admission and financial aid statuses to respond to
student inquiries, 

making address changes as directed by students.


What do you allow student employees to do in regard to accessing and
using the automated information system for your office work?





Jerry Legere

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