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I have a couple of issues that I wanted to follow up on from last week's OACRAO conference.

  1.  I had a question about notating credit for prior learning on the academic transcript. When you notate this on the transcript, you should specify the
     *   source, which is Credit for Prior Learning; and
     *   method, which based on our reporting system could include:

                                                              i.      American Council on Education (ACE);

                                                            ii.      Advanced Placement Examination (AP);

                                                          iii.      Career Technology Center Certification;

                                                          iv.      CLEP Examination;

                                                            v.      Departmental Exam;

                                                          vi.      DSST Examination (formerly DANTES);

                                                        vii.      International Baccalaureate (IB) Program;

                                                      viii.      Licensure or Certification;

                                                          ix.      Military Experience; and

                                                            x.      Portfolio Evaluation.

Here is an example:

Credit for Prior Learning: CLEP Examination






History 1493

History Since 1865




  1.  On slide 15 of the PowerPoint I presented, I addressed concurrent enrollment retention standards.  At the bottom of this slide, I included a footnote that stated the following:

NOTE: Concurrent enrollment student transcripts are not to have academic suspension or notice denotations for those students who fall below the retention standard.

Please note that this footnote is inaccurate as I included an old slide that was valid under the previous version of the policy.  The revised Concurrent Enrollment policy has a new statement (see policy section 3.10.3.B.4) that explicitly addresses notating academic probation:

"...congruous with the State Regents' Grading policy, if a concurrent enrollment student's college GPA falls within a range that requires one to be placed on academic probation, the academic probationary status shall be notated on the academic transcript."

Thus, it is important to note that the revised policy requires institutions to notate academic probation for concurrent enrollment students.

Please let me know if you have any questions about these issues.


Daniel Archer
Assistant Vice Chancellor for Academic Affairs
Oklahoma State Regents for Higher Education
655 Research Parkway
Oklahoma City, OK  73104
Phone: (405) 225-9142

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